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“The inclusion of Sparks & Co as member of the consortium […] is a promising dissemination measure.”

Evaluation Summary Report
REV-INEQUALS-05-2016 proposal

“The communication plan is very promising and will reach and influence its audiences.”

Evaluation Summary Report
ISSI-5-2015 proposal

“The dissemination strategy is properly elaborated. It identifies target groups and ensures that knowledge generated will be made available to the widest audience. The communication strategy is quite comprehensive.”

Evaluation Summary Report
EE-04-2016-2017 proposal

“The project has a good dissemination and communication plan, addressing both academia and industry, with a high coverage of the target group.”

Evaluation Summary Report
ICT-16-2015 proposal

“The proposal contains solid plans for communication and dissemination, carefully taking into account potential target audiences and how to reach them. In fact, the proposal is very professional in this regard.”

Evaluation Summary Report
SC1-PM-09-2016 proposal


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