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European Communications Manager

Caroline has joined Sparks & Co in 2015 to take the lead on our European Communications team. She holds a Master’s degree in Marketing and Communication from Novancia Business School Paris and had always expressed a strong commitment to using her skills for the greater good – a goal that her position in communicating for research and innovation has helped her reached. Being one the most experienced member at Sparks & Co, she has become the strategic manager for all European communications, overseeing all our EU projects as an expert in Impact-making for research.

Joy CREMESTY square

European Project Communication Officer

After working for 6 years for the communications office at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik in Lebanon and earning the position of Head of Communications, Joy decided to join Sparks & Co to share her diverse expertise in Communications and Marketing for Higher Education with us. She has since then been in charge of leading the Communication and Dissemination work packages of 3 EU projects: from visual identity to websites, social media strategies to KPIs, videos, press relations… Let Joy share her 10-year expertise in communications best practices with you!



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Since the early days of Sparks & Co in 2014, our mission has been to communicate about science in the best and brightest way.

We’ve been working hard and we are now consultants, subcontractors or partners on 8 on-going EU-funded projects! Based on our experience through these projects and the partnerships we had with the different stakeholders in EU projects, we decided to launch our own training courses to share the smartest communication tools for EU projects with you that will give more impact to your Horizon 2020 project(s).

Follow Caroline and Joy to explore and discover how to make better communication tools with less resources!

Tutorial: How to create a social media strategy for your EU project?

Why should I attend the ''The smartest communication tools for EU projects'' webinar?

1) Learn how to create smart communication tools

Your project needs some basic communication tools like a logo, a poster, a website, a press relations strategy? Our 6-hour long webinar is made just for you: we will cover all the communication materials your project might need, give you tips, advices and share some best use cases to emphasise how each tool can create more impact for your project. After 3 days, you will be able to start off creating your communication tools yourself!

2) Get invaluable insights from award-winning experts

In May 2017, we won the Consultancy of the Year prize by the European Excellence Awards in Public Affairs, to celebrate our work in communicating European research.

Our team gathers a different range of talents to ensure all aspects and challenges of Communication & Dissemination for EU projects are handled professionally, skilfully and always with the smile! Listen to Caroline and Joy’s best practices and tips and take the opportunity to ask all of your questions during our live Q/A session.

3) Spend your funds efficiently

Creating Impact with your EU project is not just an important criteria in H2020 but it is also an obligation under Article 38.1 of the Grant Agreement.

Nevertheless, we know most project allocate few resources to the communication and dissemination strategies. If you are in charge of creating communication tools for an EU project, make sure you learn the basic requirements and get tips from the experts to spend your project funds efficiently. Get the most out of our 6 hours training webinar by taking the chance to ask all your questions too!

What will I learn?

  • How to create a professionnal and effective logo to catch your stakeholders’ attention
  • What are the main and essential communication tools your project needs
  • How to create your project website efficiently
  • How to use videos to introduce your research project or showcase the outcomes of your project 
  • How to use social media to meet your different project objectives
  • How to achieve international and local media attention

Is this course made for me?

Whether you are a director, manager, officer or member of staff responsible for C&D activities, this webinar will help you understand how to improve your research communication, raise global awareness of your activities, receive best practice insights and tips from award-winning science communicators.

If you are in any of these relevant departments:

  • communication, marketing, press or public relations offices,
  • research and sciences department, science office,
  • technology transfer office and research development office,
  • public engagement office

Then this webinar is FOR YOU!!!

What is included in the price?


78.00** excluding VAT

At your own paceAt anytimeUnlimited access for 3 monthsSlides in PDFSign up for the e-Learning!