Introduction to Impact in Horizon 2020

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Emma Buchet

International Cooperation Manager for Sparks & Co

After completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Molecular Medicine from Trinity College Dublin, and a Masters degree in Science Communication in Dublin City University, Emma fell in love with European research. She moved from Ireland to Paris to take the International Cooperation Manager position at Sparks & Co. Proposal writing has no secret for her, and she will share with you the best tips to earn a high-scoring Impact section!


Free of charge

Since the early days of Sparks & Co in 2014, our mission has been to communicate about science in the best and brightest way.

We’ve been working hard and we are now partners on 6 Horizon 2020 projects! Based on our experience through these projects and the partnerships we had with the different stakeholders in EU projects, we decided to launch our own training courses to share our expertise on Communication and Dissemination (C&D) with you and help you understand some more about Impact in Horizon 2020 projects.

Why should I participate in the ''Introduction to Impact in Horizon 2020'' course?

1) Increase your success rate

A deeper understanding of what Impact in Horizon 2020 is about, and how and why good Communication and Dissemination is required to reach your audience, will help you understand how to maximise your chances of getting EU funding and how to seize the opportunity to bring your project to reality.

2) Learn with award-winning experts

In 2017, we won the Consultancy of the Year by the European Excellence Awards.

Our team gathers a different range of talents to ensure all aspects and challenges of Communication & Dissemination for EU projects are handled professionnally, skillfully and always with the smile!

3) Meet the European Commission's requirements

Once you finally win a proposal and get EU-funding, how do you meet the European Commission’s requirements in terms of Communication and Dissemination?

In H2020, your project will contribute to spread the values of the European Commission not only through strong partnerships with the members of your consortium, excellent research but also sharing the outcomes of your project with the whole world.

Impact is not just an important criteria in H2020 but it is also an obligation under Article 38.1 of the Grant Agreement.

What will I learn?

  • What is Impact in Horizon 2020?
  • Why is Communication and dissemination important?
  • Overview of the Impact sections in which C&D are an integral part of proposals
  • How to write the impact sections?
  • How to create a good C&D strategy?
  • How to implement your Impact?
  • Tips
  • Concrete case studies

Is this course made for me?

Whether you are a director, manager, officer or member of staff responsible for C&D activities, this FREE WEBINAR will help you understand how to improve your research communication, raise global awareness of your activities, receive best practice insights and tips from award-winning science communicators.

If you are in any of these relevant departments:

  • communication, marketing, press or public relations offices,
  • research and sciences department, science office,
  • technology transfer office and research development office,
  • public engagement office

Then this webinar is FOR YOU!!!

How much does it cost?

“Introduction to Impact in Horizon 2020” won’t cost you anything, this webinar is FOR FREE!