Impact in Horizon 2020

Communication, Dissemination, Intellectual Property and Data Management plans

Since  2014, Sparks & Co has been working in 8 EU projects, either as subcontractor, advisor or even partners.  In 6 ongoing Horizon 2020 projects, we are acting as partners and WP leaders. We have created winning Impact sections, powerful communication, dissemination and stakeholder engagement strategies that help European projects reach out and solve some of humanity’s greatest challenges. Now that we have proven our ever growing expertise, and been awarded Best Consultancy of the Year 2017 in Public Affairs, our agency is ready to help your proposal get funded.

In Horizon 2020 proposal evaluation, the Impact section is worth 1/3 of your total score. Making sure you tackle this section right will definitely blow your competition away! From our successful experiences, we have created a complete package including 4 essential plans for the Impact section of your project:

  • Communication
  • Dissemination
  • Intellectual Property
  • Data Management (including Open Access)

Sparks & Co’s experts will guide you  from both the proposal stage to the implementation with personalised strategies for your project, helping you achieve that elusive success!


Our offer: pay us on our achievement!


We know most coordinators do not have enough funds to recruit consultants to help them submit a highly competitive proposal. With this in mind we have created the achievement fee. In this scenario, Sparks & Co takes all kind of risks to guarantee you the highest level of delivery while at the same time minding your budget. Indeed, with the achievement fee, you will only pay us once you have the funding AND if we have achieved our promise!

Your project wins!

You’ve just won the funding! This is an incredible news, known as Horizon 2020 is one of the most competitive research funding programmes in the world.

As we will not charge you when you submit the proposal but only on our achievement, this huge success on your part means we have also succeeded in securing funding for you. In this case, once you get the notification letter, we will charge 30k€ for our achievement.

Achievement fee = 30k€

Your project loses.

Evaluation results can sometimes be tricky to understand. We have also sometimes lost when we were 100% sure that the proposal was perfect and we understand the distress this may cause.

Has Sparks & Co not delivered the promised Impact section? In case we did not score strictly better that the Excellence section, then you don’t owe us anything. We take our promises very seriously and if our work was just not simply good enough to bring you more points than you have, then we will not charge you*.

Achievement fee = 0€

Your project loses but Sparks & Co excelled.

Evaluation results can sometimes be tricky to understand. We also have sometimes lost when we were 100% our proposal was perfect and we understand the distress this may cause.

Has Sparks & Co delivered the promised Impact section? In some occasions, even if the proposal is not chosen, we will outdo ourselves and deliver what we had promised. In this case only, should we score strictly higher than the Excellence section, we will charge you 3 000€.

Achievement fee = 3k€

We will deliver...

Communication plan

Our team will draft your communication plan to be inserted in the proposal. The target audiences, messages to be delivered and means will be described, detailed and articulated over an actionable timeline. The list of timely deliverables and milestones will be included.

Dissemination plan

Dissemination differs from communication as it outlines how the know-how and knowledge you will produce will be shared with other researchers through publications, conferences, posters, conventions etc. Our team will insert the dissemination plan into communications as both should work hand-in-hand to reinforce your global reach.

1 session to prepare your IP & Data Management plans

Intellectual property and data management plans have become make-or-break elements in the evaluation of projects in 2017 and this trend will not stop as the European Commission enforces more regulations for the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Our legal manager will spend a coaching session with you to make sure you create the right plans for your project.

Related budget justifications

To carry out and implement your communication and dissemination plans, you will need to devise the right budget. How much should you ask for a website? A logo? A leaflet? Our team of experienced communication managers will prepare your budget accordingly so that you do not feel empty-handed when the European Commission is asking for results.

Gantt chart

Showing the evaluators you know when actions will have to be implemented to create the strongest Impact is crucial. Our team will prepare your Gantt chart for the WP on Communication and Dissemination activities. Sit back and relax, we’re covering it!

...using our award-winning methodology


Proposal stage - preparing your Impact section

After a thorough discussion with the coordinator of your proposal and upon receiving the latest version of the proposal, we will act as consultants to write the Impact section of your proposal from scratch:
  • Communication and Dissemination plan
  • IP and Data management plans
  • Budget
  • Gantt chart
Our expertise has allowed us to score very high in the past and we will make sure to help you reach the highest score and utimately win the funding.


Project evaluation

Within 5 months, the project is evaluated. The Impact section is now weighing 1/3 of the total mark awarded to the project under Horizon 2020. See evaluation criteria on Participant Portal.


Project implementation - service providing

During the implementation of the project we can help you create the project's communication strategy and implement all the activities described below. Throughout the project's duration, we will show you how to monitor the impact of the project and its results on: researchers, policy-makers, the media, industry and the general public. Finally, we can help you adapt your communication strategy on a yearly basis to maximise the project's global impact. For ongoing projects, please click here to find out how Sparks & Co can help you.

We're trusted by the European Commission. Why not by you?


EU funding

24million €

million €
EU funding secured with Sparks & Co

* if the Impact section is scored lower or equal to the Excellence section.

** if Impact section is strictly higher than the Excellence section.