We create winning communication strategies for SME instrument proposals

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Will your project impact be strong enough?

Impact is heavy

In SME instrument phase 1 and 2, Impact weighs 1.5 in your score. It is the most important section of your proposal.  

What do you need?

Your Impact section will be heavily influenced by the commercialisation plans of your project. What marketing and communication strategies will you develop?

Our winning offer

Sparks & Co's offer for SME instrument proposers include a full review of your Impact section and WP, a detailed budget you can integrate and an improvement report to guide you to outsmart the evaluators' expectations.

Stand out from the pile!

Allow your proposal to make a striking impression on your evaluators by opting for our design option. We will make your proposal look more professional by revising your charts, diagrams and infographics.

Stand out from the pile!

800Billed at the submission of your proposal

Professionnal layoutCharts and diagrams design

Pay as you win!Get the best service at cost price when you need it.Pay 0.8% of your grant ONLY if you succeed!

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