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We build winning communication strategies for your EU-funded project

Impact Review

How about asking an award-winning expert to challenge your Impact section and make sure you’re going to win?

Emma Buchet, our expert in proposal writing, will be glad to review the Impact section of your proposal and help you make sure you’re on the right track to meet the EC’s expectations in terms of Communication, Dissemination, IP and Data management plans!

Impact Writing

Do not take the chance to lose your funding by neglecting the Impact section of your proposal!

Let our experts work their magic to make your success! The Impact section has no secrets for us: communication, dissemination, engagement strategies, including a free session to build your IP, Data Management and Open-Access plans. It’s a hands-off deal. 

Communication Coaching

 Sometimes all you need if for an expert to answer all of your burning questions in one go.

We know running the communication and dissemination strategy and plan of your project is a complicated task. Is your video budget enough? Should you be spending more on social media or press relations? How to entice your researchers to spread the word? How to develop your own website? Let our experts answer all your queries in a one-hour session. No wrong question.

Coaching + report

Make sure you make the most out of your coaching session.

Our coaching sessions are intense and packed-full with useful advices and tips. Our experts will share with you all of our award-worthy secrets in a one-hour discussion. Make sure you don’t miss any link, reference, tip and best practice by asking for a full report on the coaching session in PDF. 


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